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Higashi-ginza Station (Hibiya Line, Asakusa Line) 3 min
Tsukiji Ichiba Station (Oedo Line) 9 min
Ginza Station (Ginza Line) 10 min

Pilates in English as an Option

Would you like to receive the same care for your body as in your own country at a Pilates studio?

Awareness of Pilates in Japan is lower than in other countries.
We think it is difficult for foreign immigrants to take Pilates lessons in Japanese at the same level as in their native language. My studio hopes to encourage such foreign immigrants to take Pilates lessons and adopt the habit of taking care of their own bodies.

  • About us

    Graduated from Kobe University
    After graduation, worked for Takeda pharmaceutical company 9 years
    Responsible for lifestyle-related diseases and women's health support.
    I opened StarPilates in Higashi-Ginza in October 2023 with the hope that many people will experience the real Pilates and its benefits. Pilates can improve physical discomfort and body shape problems by helping people achieve ideal posture.
    Star Pilates aims to enrich the lives of our clients through Pilates, and we provide lessons to help each one of them achieve their ideals and goals.

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    701, Ginza Premium East Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo

    English Tutor Marketing Presentation in Beige White Feminine Style (1080 x 1350 px)